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MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The Full-Time MBA Program (Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, U.P.) is a 2 year Post Graduate program carried out through a four semester system . The MBA program is designed to develop the managerial skills in the students so as to enable them to gain a competitive edge in this world of cut-throat competition.

  • Duration : 2 years, Full-Time
  • Specializations : 4
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Course Structure (Download Approval Letter)

MBA Semester-I

Paper Code Paper Name
MBA 011 Principles & Practices of Management
MBA 012 Managerial Economics
MBA 013 Accounting & Financial Analysis
MBA 014 Organisational Behaviour
MBA 015 Business Statistics
MBA 016 Marketing Management
MBA 017 Computer Applications in Management
MBA 018 Communication for Management

MBA Semester-II

Paper Code Paper Name
MBA 021 Business Environment
MBA 022 Business Laws
MBA 023 Research Methodology
MBA 024 Operations Research
MBA 025 Production & Operations Management
MBA 026 Comprehensive Viva (CV)
MBA 027 Financial Management
MBA 028 Managing Human Resources
BA 209 Cost & Management Accounting

MBA Semester-III

Paper Code Paper Name
MBA 031 Supply Chain Management
MBA 032 Strategic Management
MBA 033 Management Information System
MBA 034 Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Communication
  Specialization Group-1 Elective 1*
  Specialization Group-1 Elective 2*
  Specialization Group-2 Elective 1*
  Specialization Group-2 Elective 2*
MBA 035 Summer Training Project Report
Group 1 specialization will become the Major Specialization
Group 2 specialization will become the Minor Specialization

MBA Semester-IV

Paper Code Paper Name
MBA 041 Entrepreneurship Development
MBA 042 Corporate Governance, Values & Ethics
  Specialization Group-1 Elective 3*
  Specialization Group-1 Elective 4*
  Specialization Group-2 Elective 3* or 4*
  Open Specialization Elective (Any one)*
MBA 043 Research Project Report
MBA 044 Comprehensive Viva (CV)


Specialization Group : Human Resource
Paper Code Paper Name  
MBA HR 01 Personal Growth and Training & Development III Semester
MBA HR 02 Industrial Relations & Labour Enactments III Semester
MBA HR 03 Team Building & Leadership IV Semester
MBA HR 04 Negotiation & Counseling IV Semester
Specialization Group : Marketing
Paper Code Paper Name  
MBA MK 01 Marketing of Services III Semester
MBA MK 02 Marketing Research III Semester
MBA MK 03 Sales & Distribution Management IV Semester
MBA MK 04 Retail Management IV Semester
Specialization Group : Financial Management
Paper Code Paper Name  
MBA FM 01 Management of Working Capital III Semester
MBA FM 02 Security Analysis and Investment Management III Semester
MBA FM 03 Management of Financial Institutions & Services IV Semester
MBA FM 04 Tax Planning & Financial Reporting IV Semester
Specialization Group : Information Technology
Paper Code Paper Name  
MBA IT 01 Database Management System III Semester
MBA IT 02 System Analysis & Design and Software Engineering III Semester
MBA IT 03 Data Communication & Network IV Semester
MBA IT 04 Electronic Commerce IV Semester
Specialization Group : International Business
Paper Code Paper Name  
MBA IB 01 International Marketing III Semester
MBA IB 02 International Business Environment and Foreign Exchange Economics III Semester
MBA IB 03 Export Management and Documentation IV Semester
MBA IB 04 International Logistics Management IV Semester
Specialization Group : Open Specialization

(Choose any one in IV Semester)

Paper Code Paper Name  
MBA OP 01 Insurance & Risk Management IV Semester
MBA OP 02 Hospitality Management IV Semester
MBA OP 03 Project Management IV Semester
MBA OP 04 Rural Management IV Semester

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