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MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Master of Computer Application (Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, U.P.) is a 3 year Full-Time, program carried out through a six semester system spread over three years. The MCA course is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of Computer Science with special emphasis on technical skills together with a judicious blend of application of the same.

  • Duration : 3 years, Full-Time
  • Specializations : 0

Course Structure (Download Approval Letter)

MCA Year-I Semester-I

Paper Code Paper Name
MCA 111 Professional Communication
MCA 112 Accounting and Financial Management
MCA 113 Computer Concepts and Programming in C
MCA 114 Discrete Mathematics
MCA 115 Organizational Behaviour
MCA 151 Programming Lab
MCA 152 Language Lab
GP 101 General Proficiency

MCA Year-I Semester-II

Paper Code Paper Name
MCA 211 Environmental Science and Ethics
MCA 212 Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques
MCA 213 Data Structures using C
MCA 214 Principles of Management
MCA 215 Computer Organization
MCA 251 Data Structures Lab
MCA 252 Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques Lab
GP 201 General Proficiency

MCA Year-II Semester-III

Paper Code Paper Name
MCA 311 Operating Systems
MCA 312 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
MCA 313 Database Management System
MCA 314 Internet & Java Programming
MCA 315 Computer Based Optimization Techniques
MCA 351 DBMS Lab
MCA 352 Java Programming Lab
GP 301 General Proficiency

MCA Year-II Semester-IV

Paper Code Paper Name
MCA 411 Management Information System
MCA 412 Object Oriented Systems
MCA 413 Fundamentals of E-Commerce
MCA 414 Computer Networks
MCA 451 Object Oriented Systems Lab
MCA 452 Mini Project
GP 401 General Proficiency

MCA Year-III Semester-V

Paper Code Paper Name
MCA 511 Web Technology
MCA 512 Dot Net Framework & C#
MCA 513 Software Engineering
MCA 551 Web Technology Lab
MCA 552 Dot Net Lab
GP 501 General Proficiency

MCA Year-III Semester-VI

Paper Code Paper Name
MCA 611 Colloquium
MCA 612 Project

MCA Year-II Semester-IV List of Electives-I

Paper Code Paper Name
MCA E11 Compiler Design
MCA E12 Client Server Computing
MCA E13 Data Warehousing & Mining
MCA E14 Cryptography & Network Security
MCA E15 Theory of Automata & Formal Languages
MCA E16 Distributed System

MCA Year-III Semester-V List of Electives-II

Paper Code Paper Name
MCA E21 Computer Graphics and Animation
MCA E22 Simulation and Modeling
MCA E23 Advanced Database Management Systems
MCA E24 Artificial Intelligence
MCA E25 Information Security and Cyber Laws
MCA E26 Information Storage & Management

MCA Year-III Semester-V List of Electives-III

Paper Code Paper Name
MCA E31 ERP Systems
MCA E32 Software Project Management
MCA E33 Real Time System
MCA E34 Mobile Computing
MCA E35 Neural Networks
MCA E36 Pattern Recognition

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