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It is high time that we realize the dearth of managers in our country. With advancements taking place in all spheres of life and so many challenges presenting themselves, development of qualified professionals has become the call of the hour. Higher technical and management education promises direct returns to society vis-à-vis liberal higher education where the returns are relatively less visible. The skilled manpower required to run various industries and sectors invariably come from the institutions of higher technical and management education. Hence, the nation can ill afford to denigrate their importance.

Dr. Pradeep Mishra, Chairman, SPIMS

Today, the world is in a state of constant flux. There are so many developments happening every moment, so many changes coming up and so many challenges that lie at every step on the road ahead of us. To adapt to such an environment and achieve success, one has to be on her toes all the time; be ever ready to react and respond to the challenges with a positive and honest intent by making the appropriate choices and grasping the opportunities that lie hidden in them. This is all the more important in the case of the youth of our society who are so full of energy and are highly ambitious.

Mr. Anurag Pandey, Executive Chairman, C-MAT

C-MAT with its single vision of Magi's, that is, pursuit of excellence, focuses on three areas: academic excellence, personal values and social concern. Our Technical and Management programs not only aim to prepare technical and management professionals who will do well for themselves in the corporate world but also to carve responsible citizens out of our students; citizens who will work tirelessly for growth, progress and overall development of the society and the country.

Ms. Prachi Pandey, CEO, C-MAT
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