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Student run campus

Student run campus

C-MAT believes that learning that takes place only inside lecture rooms is incomplete. Learning inside lecture rooms must be complemented by industrial tours or projects with various organisations.

Equally, if not more important is for students to learn by doing. And what better way to do this than by handling real-life situations!! Keeping this in mind, C-MAT intends to give its students the opportunity to run the campus in various teams, thereby learning management skills in the process and turning C-MAT into a student run campus.

Starting with the academic year 2014-15, C-MAT plans to set up the following teams consisting totally of students and guided by a faculty member, who will handle different aspects of running the institute and organise various activities, events, competitions, festivals etc.:

  • Student Affairs Council
  • Corporate Relations Team
  • Alumni Relations Team
  • Cultural Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Marketing club
  • Human Resources Club
  • Finance Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Social Welfare Club
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